Frequently asked questions

1. Why Ultima Recovery?

Right out-of-the-box it recovers any file from almost any digital storage device. Please, read these testimonials to discover the quality of our software and become our new friend :)

2. What devices are supported?

Ultima Recovery is a versatile data recovery tool that supports hard drives, flash drives, external USB drives, digital camera cards, removable multimedia cards (e.g. XD, TransFlash, MMC, SD, MicroSD), etc. It can be used with any storage device or logical drive that displays a drive letter or is recognized in Windows Explorer.

3. What file systems are supported?

Ultima Recovery supports ANY Windows file system: FAT12/16/32/VFAT & NTFS

4. Is it possible to recover files if they have been deleted from the Recycle Bin?

Yes, Ultima Recovery does this routinely.

5. Program X displays a few more files than Ultima Recovery does, why?

We don't like garbage. Ultima Recovery finds everything that can actually be recovered. Most likely X finds and displays non-recoverable files just to boost its recovery claims. The data of these "extra" files is already lost or has been rewritten and cannot be recovered.

6. Is there a way to increase the probability of successfully recovering a file?

The rule is: the sooner you start file recovery and the less you use the disk, the better the chances of successfully recovering your deleted files.

That's why we strongly recommend that you always have the recovery tool installed on your system.

7. How does it work?

In simple words, a file system does the translation between the file’s name and the location of its data. It's like a phonebook - if you know someone's name then you can find out his phone number. When you delete a file, Windows removes the link between file name and data, but the data remains on the disk and Ultima Recovery can find it and recover.

NOTE: The data in deleted files will be overwritten very soon. So the sooner you start file recovery, the better your chance of successfully recovering your files.

8. Is it possible to recover files from physically damaged disks using Ultima Recovery?

No, and we strongly recommend against you even trying! If your media is physically damaged (if you hear squeaks, for example) disconnect it from your computer immediately. Try local hard drive recovery services to get your data back from such devices.

Please, feel free contact us if you still have a question.